Avon Leadership- Now Earn an Extra $150 per Recruit!!

Let me help you begin Leadership!! There is no extra cost to start Avon's Leadership training, just extra time so we can train you how to sign up people.

We have started a brand new incentive program, called Believe in Success. You can earn up to $150 per new recruit. That's on top of a leadership check, you could earn $150 per recruit. 10 RECRUITS = $1500 !!! Amazing!! Don't miss out!

Start talking to people about starting their own Avon business. You just need to say, "It's only $10 to start their own Avon business, and they can receive 40% earnings on their first 4 campaigns."

If they're interested, give me a call and we'll get you going!! You can earn alot of extra money in Leadership!

Commonly Used AVON Business Supplies Product Numbers

Commonly Used AVON Product Numbers

These can be found at www.youravon.com. my orders, Sales Tools,

then Business Tools.

What' 5 New plastic bags      535-077      50/.75

Conversational Skin Care Card

            English                   681-038      5/.25

            Spanish                  282-964      5/.25

Essential Skin Care Guide

            English                   997-573      10/1.00

            Spanish                  997-592      10/1.00

Order Book                          839-870      FREE

Credit Card Forms                140-342       FREE

Delivery Bags

            Carry All                 098-868       5/1.25

            2lb.                       240-389       50/.95

            10 lb.                    912-960       50/1.25

            20 lb.                    240-685       50/1.95

            Tote                      098-849      10/1.75